The New Mama-Knit-Love Website

It seems like every year from January to March I feel this itch to start some new creative project. I can’t help myself. I also become impatient, and wade through the details, navigating, figuring it out, making mistakes, and then I get it done.

I have a new website now for Mama-Knit-Love. Yippee!

However, since I am woefully inept at website development (doesn’t matter how easy WordPress makes it for the layperson), and because I was conducting much of my research and development from my iPhone as I was caring for a sick and sleeping baby, I goofed and started a whole domain separate from the original Knitting Whovie blog. I had no intention of purchasing a plan that would give me more bells and whistles than I needed, but after a few more steps, I bought one. I guess I felt like I would be more official. I really need to work on my impulse control…

I did the research and realizing just how lazy and not interested I am in doing all the things listed as a solution to transferring the files from KW to MKL (not to mention the aforementioned ineptitude at website development), I decided to keep the two websites. I like the idea of having this site as a reminder of where I come from in my blogging journey.

Here is a link to my first post, I invite you to head over there and continue keeping up with me.  It’s a WIP (work in progress) but, I promise the next post will be about something fun and yarny.


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