Starting Out…Again

Mama-Knit-Love is a continuation and offshoot of The Knitting Whovie. After a three year hiatus, I came back to the blogosphere and decided it was time for a name change.

I’m going to be forthcoming and say that I have no idea what I am doing. This place is a mess. I could take the time to learn, but it seems that I went about setting up this website thing backwards and sideways. After I felt I had the right name, I decided to buy the domain, not even intending to buy a plan, then I bought the plan, and now I have two sites, and haven’t been able to get the thing transferred. Since I’m chasing after kids, and being the impatient sort, I decided to keep the first blog, and use it as reference for those who want to catch up. Maybe I’ll find another use for it, too.

Here I am…starting over.

I’m feeling a fair amount of pressure here to come up with another introduction. I keep trying to come up with clever ways to grab readers attention. I’d rather not try to be someone I’m not. No one can do me better than me, so I think my name change announcement on the Knitting Whovie encapsulates my opening message already. Since it’s already 11:45pm on a Saturday,  I’m tired and feeling lazy, I’ll copy some text and leave it at that. Mama needs sleep.

It goes something like this:

I started this creative project four years ago as a knitting blog and expression of my adoration for Doctor Who…Times changed, my focus and interests shifted, as did my identity, which happens frequently, otherwise I’m not growing. Basically, I added another title to my belt…mommy…I look over the few posts I’ve written and I see that life crept in, as it is wont to do. My musings, my stories of everyday struggles and those messy feelings that can get in the way, seeped into the context of my blog…I researched ideas, relying in my emotional response to the list of potential names I compiled…

What are my words? Where am I now and where will I be in the future?

I’m Mama.

I Knit (well, I aim to learn just about anything that has to do with yarn: Spin, weave, knit, crochet…bring it).

I Love….fiercely.

And I do all of these imperfectly (do I ever), but with the desire to improve and learn. To always aim higher, set goals, and practice them all with love and intention. 

I am Anna at my core.

Mama, Knit, Love. That’s what I do. This is where I belong.

Good night, Y’all.

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