Many Moons

Hello Friends, it’s been a while. Like, 2014 a while. My last blog post was about parenting, mommyhood if you will. So I’ll let you put two + two together.

What have I been up to? Aside from working, raising Q who is now a delightful and very three year old, I started a yarn booth that went a little something like this:

Grassroots Yarn booth first location.

Then this:

Second location

And then:

Why so quick?

Lots of reasons, but mainly because of this:

Meet Finis!

Who has time to run and promote a yarn booth when they are a working mom of two boys?

Reflecting back, I needed to try. I felt something missing in my working life and I needed something that I love and that I could be creative with to overcome that hump. It filled that void. I’m still thinking of what to do next that doesn’t mean putting my house on the line, but in the meantime, I’m looking at online sales both in terms of supplies and handmade things. I also have a friend who spins and loves yarn, so we are conspiring together, too.

I’m back to knitting and started to teach myself crochet. There was a year or more that I didn’t have the time or drive to pick up my needles, but now it’s how I cope.

I’ll be refreshing my blog, I’m taking a Lenten fast from the book of faces, so I have to put all these words bumping around my head somewhere. But for now I wanted to check in, say “howdy” and let you know I’m here.


Hankerin' to knit a hanky
Hankerin’ to knit a hanky

By the way, I’m writing this post from an app as I do the parenting thing, so if anything looks amiss, ignore it till I can edit from a real computer that doesn’t jump around every time I hit the screen to try to move the cursor.


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