Sunday’s Sanctuary 

We had a productive day. It seems rare these days to have a day with just the family. As much as I would have loved to take the kids to the zoo, we started with church and then I decided to run errands. My husband stayed behind with the boys and did what he does best…organize.

I returned home from two hours of “me time,” stuffing my feelings with retail therapy at Target. This is a trip that would take my husband one hour with travel time (we live 15 minutes away), but took me two hours because I would do things like stand in the cup aisle for 20 minutes staring at canteens for my son. It’s incredible how hard it is to make a decision, anything would be better than the chewed up things he has now. The foremost thought running through my head being: Lordy, why does there have to be so much plastic? I stand there, shuffling back and forth. I can’t stop thinking about the oceans.

Q wanted to play outside, because as he has matter of factly informed us he “belongs outside.”

With little say in the matter, I sat out there in the sun crocheting for a neighborhood yarn bomb project. There was peace there for a bit. Even while the kid started making high pitched noises at the birds, telling them to go away or they would be put in time out.

Here’s a snapshot of that moment:

The yarn is nothing too fancy, just some acrylic I picked up at a local charity thriftstore specifically for this project.

This was my sanctuary Sunday, where listening to the play sounds of my little boy and crocheting a dime’s worth of yarn in the sun was a moment to be cherished.

There is shelter here.

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